On March 27 and 28, 2023, representatives from Health Care LA, IPA (HCLA) member health centers gathered under the guidance of CURIS Consulting to explore ways to operationalize readiness under value-based care.

Attendees participated in a series of sessions designed to address seven critical concepts:

  • Culture
  • Access
  • Health Information Technology (HIT)
  • Data
  • Workforce
  • Population health awareness
  • Quality

Sessions also explored:

  • Access Management—Building a clinically, operationally, and financially unified approach to access, and using data driven decisions to better manage capacity, availability, and schedule utilization.
  • Workforce Hurdles—Mitigating staffing shortage barriers through technology optimization, role clarification, and centralized or shared services.
  • Risk-based Care Team Modeling—Utilizing risk-based methodologies and population health management to drive more effective care management and care coordination.
  • Creating Culture Through Meaningful Data Strategy—Developing a data strategy to help align priorities and create achievable and meaningful goals for patient centered care and health center readiness for value-based care.

The emphasis on connecting internal processes and patient care left members feeling energized and optimistic, with one attendee noting, “we were excited to learn more about how technology assistance can improve access, as that is such a huge issue for our health centers,” and another adding that they and their team walked away with “so much great information and many new tools.”

Health Care LA, IPA would like to thank the participants from our member health centers, and offer special thanks to Sabra Matovsky for hosting, and Shannon Nielson, MHSA, and CURIS Consulting for providing the training.  Thanks to the enthusiastic reaction to this event, Phase 2 plans are already underway to further leverage data to improve patient access and value-based care.