About Us

At HCLA IPA, we believe that everyone deserves easy access to quality healthcare.

Our History

Who We Are

Since 1991, Health Care LA, IPA (HCLA IPA) has been a not-for-profit network of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and Community Health Centers (CHCs) serving the underserved patient community in Los Angeles County. Together with our network of health centers and medical professionals we form a safety net delivery system, providing quality care and health promotion and illness prevention services to those who need them most.

What We Do

HCLA IPA offers expertise and resources to our network of health centers, supporting them as they deliver quality care and service to their patients. Our management company, MedPoint Management, also provides administrative services like utilization management, care management, customer service and claims processing to help members and providers to more easily navigate managed care.

Our Network Encompasses


Health Centers


Practice Locations


Primary Care Physicians


Specialty Care Providers


Contracted Hospital Locations



Our Mission

To provide community based providers in Los Angeles County with a managed, integrated healthcare delivery system to serve their communities in an organized, efficient, compassionate and financially responsible manner.

Our Vision

To make HCLA the recognized system of care for providing high-quality health services through our health center network while remaining true to our collaborative/inclusive organizational structure and philosophy.

Our Strategic Goals

Provide an efficient and cost effective system of care by measuring and monitoring performance standards, and providing training and support to achieve best practices and meet quality metrics.

Achieve recognition as the IPA of choice for government-sponsored programs through strong, collaborative relationships with health plans, health centers, industry stakeholders and state and federal decision-makers.

Fulfill the Healthcare Triple Aim (care, health and costs) by improving health outcomes for high-risk populations, strengthening infrastructure and operations to reduce costs, diversifying funding streams and expanding partnerships and business relationships.

Using Grants for the Greater Good

We leverage funding from grants to provide our network health centers the means to engage additional staff to act as patient wellness advocates. These advocates encourage and facilitate access for underserved, at-risk and vulnerable patient populations, coordinating their care and helping to advance health and wellness in the diverse Los Angeles County communities we serve.

Programs and Services

Our providers offer a variety of preventive programs and services for you and your whole family. Some examples are pediatric and adolescent wellness services including immunizations to help ensure your child stays healthy and in school; and complete and thorough diagnostic examinations.

Wellness Programs Include:

Timely Access to Prenatal and Post-Partum Care

Well-child exams including childhood immunizations

Senior Health Programs

Women’s Health Services

On-Staff Behavioral Health Specialists

Programs vary by location. You can find more information by contacting your local health center or by visiting their website.

Transition of Care Program and Post Discharge Health Clinics

When a patient is discharged from the hospital, their recovery has only just begun. Many patients may struggle with post-discharge care instructions and follow-up. This sometimes leads to relapse and readmission, which is often avoidable with proper care. Our Transition of Care Program and Post Discharge Health Clinics work with patients and their providers to better coordinate care. This improves recovery after leaving the hospital and helps patients to get and stay well in the comfort of their own homes.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors guide and support HCLA IPA. They meet regularly to help ensure that we stay on track with our operations and strategic goals. Most importantly, they serve to ensure that we remain true to our core mission of providing efficient, compassionate, quality care to those who need it most.